AlphaGamma is looking for tech & business writers to educate and inspire hundreds of thousands of our international readers and followers.

You run a blog, have submitted pieces to outlets like Huffington Post or BusinessInsider, or have copywriting experience (or want to get some).

You're value-driven. You help other readers. They're your friends, not just LinkedIn contacts. You're not just a writer. You're an entrepreneur.

You'll be writing 500-2000 word original pieces at least twice per month on your favorite startup companies; venture investment announcements; business technology, career trends; and productivity hacks for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

You're not an agency trying to sell us your copywriting services; 
You are not a one-article poster who goes through all this trouble to promote an app you still haven't launched; and
you are definitely not a plagiarist.

You'll reach 150+ countries with your personal brand, getting direct exposure for your projects with potential customers, partners and investors, and seeing your best work in our syndication partners networks. 

All ongoing contributors will be rewarded with discounted or free offers and services, and front-page opportunities. The best contributors will be on-boarded as paid columnists.

This application is the first of two steps to becoming a contributor.

Expect to share 2 great blog posts to get started.
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AlphaGamma strives to be the premier business portal for young professionals. Our mission is to be the go-to source to everything entrepreneurial - written and read by technologists, innovators and industry influencers. 

Every piece of content posted on AlphaGamma reflects the following values:

1. Help your readers
2. Give rather than take 
3. Make friends, not just connections

Writers are expected to publish no less than 2 blog posts every month, and they should comply with the following criteria:

1. 500 - 2000 correctly spelled & grammatically arranged English words.
2. Objectively discuss entrepreneurship, technology, global market trends, venture capital, or productivity strategies.

Briefly: posts should be useful, straight-to-the point, and interesting to read.

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